The Orchard (Core) content management framework as software as a service, for you and your clients.

  • Sign up and create any number of Orchard Core/Orchard 1 sites you want.
  • No worries about deployment, maintenance and upgrades - your Orchard site just works.
  • You can style your site in any way. And you can even automatically deploy your theme from source control!
  • There's a variety of modules and themes available that you can use.
  • It's fast. Don't take our word for it, try it out!
  • As seen on Microsoft AppSource and the Azure Marketplace.
  • And there's quite some technology behind it that you can use to build your own DotNest, or supercharge your Orchard development team.

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Latest from our blog

  • DotNest upgraded to Orchard Core 1.7

    Orchard Core, the CMS behind DotNest sites is constantly improved by its community, including us. Now it got its v1.7 release, which is available on all DotNest sites too.

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  • Your DotNest site (almost) never goes down

    You're trusting DotNest with your Orchard sites because you want some convenient, flexible, and reliable hosting. It's surely convenient (just a couple of clicks and you have an Orchard website running), and it brings all the flexibility of Orchard Core and Orchard 1. However, about that reliable part: How reliable is DotNest, actually? Pretty damn reliable! So, let's look behind the scenes and see some numbers.

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  • Cloudflare CDN and protection for all DotNest sites

    If you're hosting your Orchard Core or Orchard 1 site on DotNest, you don't have to worry about a lot of things, like the basic security and speed of your site. That's kind of the point, right? Now the good news is, that we improved both the security and speed of your website with a service called Cloudflare, that you don't have to worry about either!

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  • Revamping Ik wil een taart: migrating an old version of Orchard Core website with custom theme and commerce logic to DotNest

    Migrating the content of an old version of an Orchard Core website with a custom theme and with modifications in the business logic of the Orchard Core Commerce module to DotNest? Yes, it is possible! This case study explores how we achieved this with Ik wil een taart, a confectionery in the Netherlands, by migrating the content of the website running on the RC2 version of Orchard Core to the latest one, on DotNest. The site is a client of Princen group, which is a Dutch company, specialized in web development since 1992, offering secure, user-friendly, and scalable digital solutions.

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