The Orchard (Core) content management framework as software as a service, for you and your clients.

  • Sign up and create any number of Orchard Core/Orchard 1 sites you want.
  • No worries about deployment, maintenance and upgrades - your Orchard site just works.
  • You can style your site in any way. And you can even automatically deploy your theme from source control!
  • There's a variety of modules and themes available that you can use.
  • It's fast. Don't take our word for it, try it out!
  • As seen on Microsoft AppSource and the Azure Marketplace.
  • And there's quite some technology behind it that you can use to build your own DotNest, or supercharge your Orchard development team.

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Latest from our blog

  • Custom domains now available for your Orchard Core sites - free for open-source

    Do you want to host an Orchard Core site on DotNest for your company, club, NGO, or otherwise do you want to use something like for it? Now, this is available!

    For just $25/month, you can not only use your custom domain instead of the default one, but you can also remove the DotNest footer from it. Unlimited customization for your Orchard Core site! If you run an open-source project that you'd like to host your site for, then let us know, because we can provide you this service for free.

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  • A personal blog with theming on DotNest - case study

    You have quite a lot of options if you want to start a personal website, or something like a blog nowadays. You can use services like Medium or Substack, but my problem with those is that ultimately, you don't have complete control over how your content is published and how people may consume it. Monetization wasn't my concern either. I wanted something simple, where I can be sure that people will be able to read my quips without any of the contemporary online marketing tools intruding (hello, profiling and soft paywalls!). Having been an Orchard developer for more than a decade, perhaps let's just use Orchard Core for this too? So, I quickly created a DotNest site and got going.

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  • Orchard Core sites are out of beta!

    Back in 2021 we announced the beta of the Orchard Core edition of DotNest. Since then, both Orchard Core and the DotNest platform matured a lot, and we added much-demanded features for e-commerce and theming. You could get Orchard Core sites on DotNest, of course, but not in a completely self-service manner. This has now changed, and creating Orchard Core sites is just two clicks!

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  • Full theming now available to Orchard Core DotNest sites with Media Theme

    When you run your Orchard Core site on DotNest, there are some limitations that you need to keep in mind. These are inherent to the multi-tenant nature of DotNest: We can provide you with super-simple, fast, convenient Orchard Core hosting because when you set up your site, you'll get a slot in the same app as everyone else. We always want to push boundaries though. So now, we introduce full theming for your DotNest sites with Media Theme!

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