DotNest upgraded to Orchard Core 1.7

Orchard Core, the CMS behind DotNest sites is constantly improved by its community, including us. Now it got its v1.7 release, which is available on all DotNest sites too.

The community recently released the latest 1.7 version of Orchard Core with several new features and additions! There's a new SMS and SMS Notifications module that provides a way to send SMS messages and notifications to users using SMS services. And by utilizing the new two-factor SMS Method feature, you can also transmit a two-factor authentication code to the user via SMS. And yes, this means that starting with version 1.7, Orchard Core is shipped with everything you need to secure your app with two-factor authentication.

The Lucene and Elasticsearch features are capable of searching within PDF files because PDF files are indexed by default. As an enhancement, we added a new feature called Media Indexing which extends the media indexing capability to also encompass searching within files with the following extensions .txt, .md, .docx, and .pptx. And we have a lot more to cover! Check out all the details of the release in the official release notes.

All of the DotNest sites can now use these new features, and the other improvements that the new version brings, because we upgraded the platform to Orchard Core 1.7 too. Actually, your site already used a pre-release version of 1.7 for a few weeks, due to us updating to it to get some bug fixes.

Enjoy the latest and greatest Orchard Core version! There shouldn't be any problems apart from this obscure one, but if you notice anything, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via our support channels.

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