Interactive Orchard Core tutorials now available with Lombiq Walkthroughs

Do you want to learn about the most important Orchard Core features with a hands-on tutorial that guides you with interactive tooltips, right there in Orchard Core? We now have a module available for you!

We recently added the Lombiq Walkthroughs for Orchard Core module to the selection available to all DotNest sites. This module teaches you the Orchard Core fundamentals by guiding you through step-by-step tutorials right there on the Orchard Core admin. Popups and tooltips tell you what to look for and what to do, as well as they include links to further recommended resources. Check out a demo video of this module here.

And now you can use it right away on DotNest! Just create a new DotNest site, select the Walkthroughs recipe when running its setup, and you'll get a neat Orchard Core tutorial starting right on the homepage!

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