DotNest is 10 years old - celebrate with our special offer!

It's incredible to think about it, but DotNest just turned 10 today. Yes, we started on the 4th of March, 2014! While we're primarily an Orchard Core SaaS today, at that time, it was Orchard 1, of course. And since then, you've chosen us to host almost 6700 Orchard sites - wow, thank you! We wanted to celebrate this unique occasion with a very special limited offer; read on to see what you can get now if you launch a new site on DotNest.

You can create an Orchard Core site on DotNest any time for free. However, we offer some premium features too. The most popular paid feature is the ability to use a custom domain name (like with your DotNest site, instead of the default one. If you purchase that service for a whole year, then we give you a month for free. But now, to celebrate 10 years of us working together, for every new site you can have an additional 10% off of this yearly fee! Instead of $275, one year of custom domain usage now is only $248.

But this is not all. You can do a lot with your DotNest site, as you can see from the knowledge base. While we have everything documented, having a mentor for this, who gives you some guidance and a helping hand surely makes it easier. We've done this with many companies and individuals before, as you can see from our case studies. And now we'd be happy to help you, too: If you launch your new site, we'll provide you with one hour of expert one one-on-one consulting!

Do you want to launch your DotNest site and use this special offer? Be sure to do it before the end of March, because we'll have this in our birthday month only! Contact us to make use of this limited opportunity and we'll get you going.

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