Orchard Core sites are out of beta!

Back in 2021 we announced the beta of the Orchard Core edition of DotNest. Since then, both Orchard Core and the DotNest platform matured a lot, and we added much-demanded features for e-commerce and theming. You could get Orchard Core sites on DotNest, of course, but not in a completely self-service manner. This has now changed, and creating Orchard Core sites is just two clicks!

To get your free Orchard Core DotNest site, just open the usual site creation screen here, and select Orchard Core as the Orchard Edition. You'll get the full power of Orchard Core right away! Check out the knowledge base to see what you can do on DotNest.

Note that you can't yet delete an Orchard Core site or use a custom domain with it in a self-service manner. However, both are coming, and if you'd like to use your custom domain right now, just let us know and we can set it up.

Are you ready for the easiest Orchard Core hosting ever? Create your site here!

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