Full theming now available to Orchard Core DotNest sites with Media Theme

When you run your Orchard Core site on DotNest, there are some limitations that you need to keep in mind. These are inherent to the multi-tenant nature of DotNest: We can provide you with super-simple, fast, convenient Orchard Core hosting because when you set up your site, you'll get a slot in the same app as everyone else. We always want to push boundaries though. So now, we introduce full theming for your DotNest sites with Media Theme!

The Media Theme concept is about storing a kind-of-theme in the Media Library (but still safely, so nobody can see your code). What matters more for you though, is that with this, you can now create proper Orchard Core themes in your favorite IDE with Liquid templates and all the client-side web technologies. And when you're finished, you can deploy it from the command line or a CI build automatically to your DotNest site!

Here we also have a quick demo of how this works. Also, check out the DotNest Core SDK: You have all the instructions there to have a local development environment ready, to work on your site locally as you'd on any Orchard Core app, and then to deploy it to DotNest. We're also working on a couple of case studies since there are some sites we're already created with this new approach. 

Would you like to run your Orchard Core site on DotNest? Sign up for the beta! (We'll soon be out of beta, promise!)

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