Orchard Core Commerce is now available on all DotNest sites

While for a little bit more DotNest Core remains in beta, we've continuously worked on improving the platform. Keeping up to date with the latest Orchard Core releases, adding smaller new features, improving the hosting story so we can provide a more reliable platform for you... But now we have a big new feature to announce: Orchard Core Commerce, the e-commerce solution for Orchard Core, is now available on all DotNest sites!

Orchard Core Commerce was initially started by community member Bertrand le Roy, and over time, it was gradually improved by its growing community. We announced in May, that, after a request from Bertrand, we'll provide stewardship for the project, meaning code contributions, reviews, and general oversight. Since then, we've worked towards an MVP feature set. Now Orchard Core Commerce is a basic, but already quite feature-rich e-commerce solution, offering a product catalog, shopping cart, and Stripe payment integration.

Now if you have a DotNest site, you can start using Orchard Core Commerce, and building your Orchard Core-based e-commerce site for free! And if you don't have one, just take 45 seconds to sign up for the beta here, and we'll unlock a new site for you soon!

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