Cloudflare CDN and protection for all DotNest sites

If you're hosting your Orchard Core or Orchard 1 site on DotNest, you don't have to worry about a lot of things, like the basic security and speed of your site. That's kind of the point, right? Now the good news is, that we improved both the security and speed of your website with a service called Cloudflare, that you don't have to worry about either!

Cloudflare is a great service that can sit in front of your site and make it a lot better by providing the following and a lot more:

  • Automatically renewed SSL certificates so the communication between users and your site can't be eavesdropped. We already had secure connections for your sites forever, but this is even better.
  • Speed up by utilizing Cloudflare's worldwide Content Delivery Network (CDN). When a user visits your site, instead of their browser downloading the content directly from DotNest's servers, which are on the East coast of the US, they'll now download it from one of Cloudflare's close CDN nodes. This can make things a lot faster, especially if that content was already requested by somebody else from the area, thus making it available from the local node's cache.
  • Security features, e.g. masking e-mail addresses from spam crawlers, defending against spam pots, and offering DDoS protection.

And all of this is now available for all DotNest sites! BTW if you used a custom domain, our recommendation has long been to use Cloudflare for that too.

Do you want to see for yourself how a DotNest site works together with Cloudflare? Create one here for free!


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