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Orchard Core modules and themes available on DotNest

The following modules and themes are available on all Orchard Core DotNest sites.


  • Almost all built-in Orchard modules (see "limitations").
  • Lombiq Helpful Extensions: Useful content types, widgets, and developer features.
  • Lombiq Privacy: Provides various privacy consent features to help you make your site comply with GDPR and similar privacy laws.
  • Lombiq Walkthroughs: Do you want to learn about the most important Orchard Core features with a hands-on tutorial that guides you with interactive tooltips, right there in Orchard Core? This module is for you! Just create a new DotNest site, select the Walkthroughs recipe when running its setup, and you'll get a neat Orchard Core tutorial!
  • Orchard Core Commerce: The commerce module for Orchard Core. The module is still in the early development stage, but already contains features like handling taxation, shopping cart and checkout.


Are you looking for your favorite Orchard Core module or theme and would like to see it on DotNest? Or are you even the module's author? Get in touch with us and we'll see how we can include it in the DotNest selection!