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  • Collect usage data for your DotNest sites with Azure Application Insights!

    Ever wanted to see colourful interactive charts about your DotNest sites' usage that you can pan around and impress your coworkers, clients with? Now it's here, and it's not just cool but also very useful: Azure Application Insights.

    With Azure Application Insights you can measure your sites' performance, collect all kinds of usage data and even see client-side errors. So no more JavaScript errors that go undetected!

    What's more, using Azure Application Insights is free and also all DotNest sites just got it for free too! Check out how to use it.

    The Application Insights integration on DotNest uses our Application Insights Orchard module, which you can install to any custom Orchard app too.

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  • Localization packages are now available on DotNest tenants!

    We've announced yesterday on the community meeting a new "feature" of DotNest (which is actually available for a little while now): localization packages. We've added the translation files of built-in modules for the following languages: French (fr-FR), Italian (it-IT), Russian (ru-RU), Simplified Chinese (zh-CN), Spanish (es-ES) and Hungarian (hu-HU). You can change the localization settings of your tenants under on the Settings page.

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  • Featured DotNest site: Orchard Beginner!

    We're pleased to announce a brand new DotNest site that will be a massive help for Orchard newcomers: Orchard Beginner! Orchard Beginner really aims to help those who're just starting with Orchard. The site's content is still being expanded rapidly but it already gives Orchard rookies some very essential guidelines.

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  • New themes available for DotNest sites!

    We have released two Bootstrap-based themes that are available for every DotNest site for free: Philip Senechal, the well-known Orchard theme development professional and freelancer known for his cool Boostrap-based themes provided us with updated, Orchard 1.8-compatible versions for two of his themes:

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