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  • Voting and favoriting modules added

    Three new modules arrived to all DotNest sites today to allow your users to vote content up/down and mark them as their favorite! Namely, these modules are now available on DotNest:

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  • User profiles and avatars just arrived!

    It's not a bad thing if your website is actually used by people. And now on DotNest you have the tools to improve your user's experience and make them feel home with custom profiles and avatars!

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  • Beautifully simple Bindery theme available

    As you may have heard, Ryan Drew Burnett, the guy behind Show Orchard released a new theme aimed mainly at blogs, Bindery. Good news! Thanks to Ryan the theme is now also available on all DotNest sites!

    What's more it seems that this theme will be just the first in a series of themes developed by Ryan and offered on DotNest, so stay tuned. For now you can also check out the theme in action on its demo site.

    Create a DotNest site for free and you can start writing your own blog with Bindery!

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  • New content fields, social meta tags and a Bootstrap theme

    We constantly strive to make DotNest even better for you. So if you give us some feedback, we'll gladly listen. This time we listened to three enthusiastic DotNest users and thus added three new extensions to the DotNest selection!

    • Lombiq Fields module: adds some useful content fields, including Media Library Upload Field so Media items can be uploaded attached to content items and the Money Field to store money amounts. You can also see the module in action in the Orchard Communtiy Meeting's podcast.
    • Social Meta Tags module: adds meta tags for various social networks (Open Graph Tags for Facebook/Google/Pinterest/LinkedIn and Twitter Card Tags) and Google Authorship tags.
    • PJS.Bootstrap theme: a great theme by Philip Senechal.

    Create your DotNest site for free and try out these new features!

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  • A lot of new features for your DotNest sites!

    We just updated all of your DotNest sites with some cool new features! These give you some more tools to customize your sites. Let's see what's in the box:

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  • DotNest sites now run on Orchard 1.9

    The Orchard 1.9 release brought a lot of improvements a few weeks ago: apart from tons of bugfixes and smaller enhancements it also contains three new modules, Audit Trail, Layouts and Dynamic Forms (just to name what you as a DotNest user will mostly see). 1.9 is a great release, a large milestone that makes Orchard a mature CMS. And now you have it on DotNest!

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  • DotNest has a new look!

    As you can see we swapped out the old clunky look of DotNest with a fresh new one! Everything was re-hauled. Oh, and of course it is, just as the old one, responsive. But in a better way!

    We hope this new DotNest is a lot more pleasant for your eyes!

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  • Case study: creating a website on DotNest with heavily customized content

    Brace yourselves, this is going to be a long one: in this blogpost we're going to demonstrate the process of customizing the content structure of an actual website running on DotNest, currently having ~30 regular users. Seriously, grab some popcorn, you'll need it. Wall of text incoming.

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  • New modules for DotNest sites

    We have recently updated DotNest with a few general performance improvements and two new modules (that actually work even better together) adding cool features to your DotNest sites: Forum and Watcher!

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