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  • Even better theming for DotNest sites

    After some other recent improvements theming a DotNest site is now even closer to writing standard Orchard themes: with some complicated fixes around how URLs are handled (you don't want to know details, trust me!) writing a Media Theme is now a lot better experience. Templates and URL helpers in them will behave like you're used to, not to mention they will work in the same way locally during development as on DotNest.

    So go on and write a theme for that DotNest site of yours!

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  • Theming a DotNest site just got better

    As you surely know you have complete control over theming your DotNest site, including using custom templates written in the Liquid language. The latter got some important updates now:

    • If you have errors in your template then it will be shown in place of the template and also logged with the Reports feature (which entries you can view from your site's admin). No more ugly generic error pages, you'll know in an instant if something went wrong with the template.
    • You can now select if a template is rendered on the frontend, the admin or both. Media Themes that you can deploy from source control will behave like a standard theme and thus their templates will be only active for the frontend. Before this they were also displayed on the admin which caused quite some confusion.

    So do some theming!

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  • DotNest sites now run Orchard 1.10.1!

    The latest version of Orchard, 1.10.1 was released not long ago (just very little after the latest major version, 1.10) and now all DotNest sites are also upgraded: so DotNest is fully 1.10.1! It took us some time to apply this upgrade, but hey, if you have almost 1000 sites to care about it's a delicate process!

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  • Voting and favoriting modules added

    Three new modules arrived to all DotNest sites today to allow your users to vote content up/down and mark them as their favorite! Namely, these modules are now available on DotNest:

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  • User profiles and avatars just arrived!

    It's not a bad thing if your website is actually used by people. And now on DotNest you have the tools to improve your user's experience and make them feel home with custom profiles and avatars!

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  • Beautifully simple Bindery theme available

    As you may have heard, Ryan Drew Burnett, the guy behind Show Orchard released a new theme aimed mainly at blogs, Bindery. Good news! Thanks to Ryan the theme is now also available on all DotNest sites!

    What's more it seems that this theme will be just the first in a series of themes developed by Ryan and offered on DotNest, so stay tuned. For now you can also check out the theme in action on its demo site.

    Create a DotNest site for free and you can start writing your own blog with Bindery!

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  • New content fields, social meta tags and a Bootstrap theme

    We constantly strive to make DotNest even better for you. So if you give us some feedback, we'll gladly listen. This time we listened to three enthusiastic DotNest users and thus added three new extensions to the DotNest selection!

    • Lombiq Fields module: adds some useful content fields, including Media Library Upload Field so Media items can be uploaded attached to content items and the Money Field to store money amounts. You can also see the module in action in the Orchard Communtiy Meeting's podcast.
    • Social Meta Tags module: adds meta tags for various social networks (Open Graph Tags for Facebook/Google/Pinterest/LinkedIn and Twitter Card Tags) and Google Authorship tags.
    • PJS.Bootstrap theme: a great theme by Philip Senechal.

    Create your DotNest site for free and try out these new features!

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