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  • Orchard Core sites are out of beta!

    Back in 2021 we announced the beta of the Orchard Core edition of DotNest. Since then, both Orchard Core and the DotNest platform matured a lot, and we added much-demanded features for e-commerce and theming. You could get Orchard Core sites on DotNest, of course, but not in a completely self-service manner. This has now changed, and creating Orchard Core sites is just two clicks!

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  • Full theming now available to Orchard Core DotNest sites with Media Theme

    When you run your Orchard Core site on DotNest, there are some limitations that you need to keep in mind. These are inherent to the multi-tenant nature of DotNest: We can provide you with super-simple, fast, convenient Orchard Core hosting because when you set up your site, you'll get a slot in the same app as everyone else. We always want to push boundaries though. So now, we introduce full theming for your DotNest sites with Media Theme!

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  • Orchard Core Commerce is now available on all DotNest sites

    While for a little bit more DotNest Core remains in beta, we've continuously worked on improving the platform. Keeping up to date with the latest Orchard Core releases, adding smaller new features, improving the hosting story so we can provide a more reliable platform for you... But now we have a big new feature to announce: Orchard Core Commerce, the e-commerce solution for Orchard Core, is now available on all DotNest sites!

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  • Silent improvements in the background - a quick rundown

    Updates are not always flashy spectacular new features - sometimes they're just things that work the best if you don't even notice them. In the last months we've deployed a lot of these (hope you didn't notice!), so let's quickly see what we've been working on to make DotNest better for you!

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  • Building a website for the Biomedical Optics community - Virtual Photonics Technology Initiative website case study

    It's always great to see when the technologies developed by us are serving scientific research, something we at Lombiq are quite keen on. This time Orchard and DotNest proved to be useful for the Virtual Photonics Technology Initiative, who work on open-source computational (virtual) technologies for the Biomedical Optics community. So let's see what they have built!

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  • Migrating a standalone Orchard site to DotNest - Show Orchard case study

    Show Orchard is a website for showing representative Orchard CMS (and now Orchard Core) websites all around the internet. It was started by Ryan Drew Burnett, but since he doesn't work with Orchard anymore, as announced earlier it is now maintained by our team at Lombiq Technologies. Our first task was to migrate it to DotNest, so here we are, see how we did it using basic Orchard features and Media Theme.

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  • DotNest is back in the Azure Marketplace - and it's in Microsoft AppSource!

    A while ago DotNest was part of the Azure Marketplace - and it's back again! Actually not just there, but also in the Microsoft AppSource catalog.

    The Azure Marketplace is mostly aimed at businesses already using Azure. AppSource is frequently utilized by any business users to source solutions for their needs, and we believe DotNest can provide a suitable platform for a lot of web-centric business use-cases. Having these two new offers published will help drive more people to DotNest and Orchard, strengthening our ecosystem.

    Do you know of somebody looking for a CMS, especially a hosted one? Ping them to check out these marketplace offers!

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  • Win a year of free custom domain usage: Still time to fill out the developer survey!

    As we've written about before we ask you to tell us everything you wish DotNest would do differently. The DotNest developer survey is still on, but not for long: We'll close it on the 23rd. If you haven't filled it out here's the time, because you may also win a year of custom domain usage!

    Just fill out the survey and you'll take part in the draw*. We'll raffle off three full-year custom domain usage prizes (worth USD 66) and let you know in an e-mail whether you've won! (Just be sure to supply your e-mail address on the form.) If you've already filled out the survey don't worry, you're eligible to win as well of course. (*Lombiq team members and their family members may not take part in the draw.)

    So tell us your thoughts in the survey, enjoy an improved DotNest and win!

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  • Conference site with custom Bootstrap template - GPU Day case study

    The GPU Day conference series organized by the Wigner Research Centre for Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is dedicated to the fields of parallel and high-performance computing, visualization and data analysis in scientific and industrial applications. On the last three conferences Lombiq presented its cutting edge technology, called Hastlayer. The conference site was developed by Gábor Domonkos from Lombiq here on DotNest which is a great proof of how far you can get using only the built-in DotNest features and Media Theme for theming.

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