The DotNest idea board is now on GitHub

After introducing our (yet small) Support page the most important thing you'll notice that we retired the forum and introduced GitHub! More specifically you can add feature request and other ideas, ask questions, and post bugreports under the DotNest Support GitHub repository.

Most of you will be already quite familiar with GitHub and its ticketing system; for the others: It's much better than the old forum and you'll like it! Under our GitHub repository now you can see what we have in mind currently for DotNest, what new things we'll introduce in the future. You can let your voice be heard there, add your ideas or concerns, anything you want to steer DotNest into a direction you want it to be headed.

Sounds cool? Check out the existing issues to see what's in for DotNest!

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  • simon said

    It's much better than the old forum and I like it. Thanks

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