Silent improvements in the background - a quick rundown

Updates are not always flashy spectacular new features - sometimes they're just things that work the best if you don't even notice them. In the last months we've deployed a lot of these (hope you didn't notice!), so let's quickly see what we've been working on to make DotNest better for you!

Infrastructure improvements

DotNest, as the biggest multi-tenant Orchard installation out there, is sometimes not simple to operate. During the last few months, we've worked through fixing several randomly occurring problems one by one. These caused service interruptions before, but they won't anymore! We've also implemented an ultimate failsafe which will be triggered when everything else fails, bringing the platform back to life within a few minutes even if things go very, very south.

Safer payments with PSD 2

You may have heard of the new EU Payment Service Directive, i.e. PSD 2. Its point is, among others, to make card payments (and financial services in general) safer. To make this a reality it requires online merchants accepting card payments, like DotNest, to implement a revised payment flow. We're among the elite club of services who have indeed done this until the official deadline of 14 September, with the help of our payment processor Braintree. You may notice that the payments area of DotNest got a little bit nicer on the side as well. 

We hope you continue to use DotNest and if you find any issues just let us know!

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