Search engine optimize your DotNest sites with Onestop.Seo!

Search engine optimization (i.e. tuning your site to be on top of Google pages) is not so "in" than a few years back, but it still matters a lot, and not just for search engines, but for the general user experience. We added the SEO module by Onestop to DotNest, available to everybody!

You can use the SEO module to fine-tune your home page, automatically generate suitable titles for pages using tokens or manually setting the title and description for a specific page. Most importantly even if you just enable the SEO module it will at least reverse the order of title segments: Orchard by default uses the "[site name] - [page title]" pattern for titles but much better is to start with the page title since this is what visitors care about.

The SEO module was not compatible with the latest Orchard version what DotNest uses so we had to make some upgrades in a fork: we made it compatible with Orchard 1.8 and migrated the content parts to use infoset storage so it runs much faster. If you were using Onestop.Seo before there is also an Upgrade feature that you just have to enable to migrate all of the module's site settings to infoset storage when you upgrade it. Since we use Mercurial for source control we've also created an open Mercurial repository for the upgraded module.

Now go and optimize the hell out of your site!


  • scattravels said

    Hello sir
    Can you give me more information how to use SEO to grow up my site i really needed this post thank you.

  • Zoltán Lehóczky said


    just enable the module and you'll see a SEO menu item on the admin. It will be easy to use from there.

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