Instant search for your sites with Algolia

Algolia is a pretty neat hosted indexing/search service, it's a bit like Lucene in the cloud, but extremely fast. Now it's available for all DotNest sites!

Lombiq created the Orchard Algolia Search module, so now using Algolia search in Orchard is just a matter of installing and configuring a module. This module is also available now on DotNest, so you just need an Algolia registration to start!

So if you want to play with the module, just create a free DotNest site! Oh, and what if you're even lazier then this? Then check out the Orchard Algolia Search Demo site here on DotNest!


  • areifschneider said

    I would like to Request Access

  • Zoltán Lehóczky said

    @areifschneider you can just just go to, no need to request anything.

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