GDPR compliance of DotNest and how you can make your own DotNest sites compliant

As you've surely noticed now, also from the barrage of privacy policy updates you should've received, in the EU the GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, takes effect today. This greatly enhances how your personal data should be protected by companies, but if you're a company, you also need to make sure you comply with it (if you manage EU citizens' data then you should, even if your company is not incorporated in the EU).

DotNest itself is compliant with the GDPR; read our updated privacy policy here. However, as an owner of a DotNest site it's your responsibility to make your site compliant too. How this affects you and how we help you with this you can learn more about on this Knowledge Base article.

Make sure that you check our updated privacy policy and that your company is prepared!

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