DotNest sites now run Orchard 1.10.1!

The latest version of Orchard, 1.10.1 was released not long ago (just very little after the latest major version, 1.10) and now all DotNest sites are also upgraded: so DotNest is fully 1.10.1! It took us some time to apply this upgrade, but hey, if you have almost 1000 sites to care about it's a delicate process!

So what's new in Orchard 1.10.1? In short: lots of smaller improvements, tons of bugfixes and a heap of changes that aren't visible for users but improve Orchard a lot as a software framework. So while probably this time you won't be astonished by some completely brand new features like Layouts or Audit Trail you'll notice that Orchard still got better and faster - not to mention it's now also an improved foundation for us to build a better DotNest for you. Also see the official release notes on what is new.

So if you already have sites on DotNest, good news for you! If you don't, why don't you head over and give the 1.10.1-powered DotNest a test drive?

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