DotNest sites now run on Orchard 1.9

The Orchard 1.9 release brought a lot of improvements a few weeks ago: apart from tons of bugfixes and smaller enhancements it also contains three new modules, Audit Trail, Layouts and Dynamic Forms (just to name what you as a DotNest user will mostly see). 1.9 is a great release, a large milestone that makes Orchard a mature CMS. And now you have it on DotNest!

We needed to do loads of compatibility and bugfixes as well as a lot of testing to ensure that once your sites run 1.9 you'll be only affected by the positive changes. For the last weeks we've run all of our own sites at Lombiq (including on 1.9 to iron out issues before upgrading all DotNest sites. But it's done, so enjoy all the good things that 1.9 brought! For a full overview of all the changes in 1.9 check out the release notes.

And by the way since DotNest sites now run on 1.9 of course Try Orchard! also lets you do a test drive of Orchard 1.9.

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