DotNest sites just got faster with Combinator resource sharing

As you may know, all DotNest sites have the Combinator module enabled (and configured) by default. This module automatically bundles and minifies static resources (like stylesheets and script files) to enhance client-side performance. Now Combinator got a lot faster with a feature called resource sharing.

Resource sharing enables tenants in a multi-tenant Orchard application (like DotNest) to share processed resources with each other through the Default tenant. This means that if a resource was already processed for any of the tenants all other tenants will just use that without having to re-process it. In practice this means that e.g. admin pages will load much faster for tenants the first time: you don't have to wait for Combinator to process the resources (unless you're the first one to look at that page) since they will just be fetched from the shared location.

So how much time did we manage to save you?

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