Demo Orchard sites on DotNest: Try Orchard!

So what if you're a total newcomer to Orchard but want to see it in action, without having to download, install, set up anything or signing up anywhere (not even DotNest)? You can Try Orchard!

Try Orchard is just a quick prototype right now, but you can see that it's a set of periodically re-installed DotNest tenants that you can play with. There is also a possibility to have an interactive walk-through for users to get an overview of Orchard, as you can see from the three inline popups that greet you.

You can also see a demo of the demo site (yes :-)) on the recording of the weekly Orchard Community Meeting, although screen sharing didn't work for the first half.

So Try Orchard! is just in its infancy but it works! Now if you want to convince your buddy to take a look at this awesome CMS just tell them to Try Orchard!


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