A lot of new features for your DotNest sites!

We just updated all of your DotNest sites with some cool new features! These give you some more tools to customize your sites. Let's see what's in the box:

  • Target: Blank module was added. After you enable it all the outbound links on your site will open in a new tab.
  • Helpful Extensions module is here as well. It adds, among others, some useful tokens and extends Projections with new filters.
  • NogginBox Owner Queries feature is now available: this adds the ability to filter on content by its owner to Projector.
  • The Orchard Liquid Markup module was updated and thus allows you more complete customization options with Liquid Markup templates: now Orchard WorkContext is accessible as well as dynamic content item expressions now work. This means that you can now e.g. completely override content shape templates or can do some fancy things based on the current user!

With all this you'll need to think twice before hosting Orchard yourself!

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