DotNest support and ideas

  • How to import

    I have a web site

    I want to move it to DOTNEST. Can you explain how and why


  • Date time field in dynamic forms

    The date time field works from admin screen. You get a nice looking control to pick up date. How to use in Dynamic forms in front end screen ?

    Similar issue with Media upload. How to use in …

  • Social Meta Tags


    How to insert Open Graph meta tags ?

    The module called "Om.Orchard.SocialMetaTags",for example, will be available for DotNest sites soon ?

    Best regards.

  • Lucene analyzer choice

    Hello Zoltan,

    This is my ultimate request.

    I think the analyzer used by Lucene in Dotnest sites is the StandardAnalyzer.

    This analyzer doesn't manage the accents, like french accents for …

  • Can Not Create Free Web Site

    Can Not Create Free Web Site

    getting the following error when I click on the button to create the website.

    Server Error in '/' Application.

    Runtime Error

    Description: An application …

  • Cannot log in using IE11


    I can't log in to access the Orchard dashboard using IE11. I'm just redirected to the page I'm coming from, but not logged in. When using Chrome logging in works as expected.