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  • Another round of bugfixes

    Update time! In this round we fixed some bugs that arose recently, among others one with Media Theme deployment that caused the deployment hook not to work correctly in all circumstances. Also we made some changes to the subsystem that is responsible for running maintenances tasks. This means that we can now make upgrades more safely, keeping your sites up-to-date all the time without you even noticing.

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  • Some small fixes deployed today

    We deployed some little fixes (and you probably didn't even notice the deployment; what is a good thing, since we strive to make such updates totally seamless). Most important from them is that we fixed how the SMTP settings are populated. That means that if you want to send e-mails from your tenant (like from a contact form or to get notifications about new comments to your blog), it will work now.

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  • DotNest just got fully working

    Today we reached the point where we fixed every bug that came up during the few first days of DotNest. This doesn't mean it's perfect but currently we don't know about any important errors at least.

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  • Hello, this is DotNest!

    We'd like to bring SaaS to the Orchard community. Kind of like does for Wordpress.

    DotNest wants to be neat and useful. This is just the beginning, so please forgive our mistakes.

    - The guys @ Lombiq

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