The Orchard Core version of DotNest is coming - sign up for the beta here!

Orchard Core, the next edition of Orchard CMS built on .NET Core/.NET 5 reached v1.0 last week. This is then probably the best time to build the Orchard Core version of DotNest - which is here!

DotNest Core is a complete redevelopment of the DotNest platform, all on the latest version of Orchard Core. We've been running it with a couple of select few customers for a while now and it's time to open it up a bit more. While you can't yet just simply create an Orchard Core-based DotNest site, you can sign up for our limited beta here. You'll soon be able to get a fully functional, reliably hosted Orchard Core site on DotNest where you can build your personal website or something to showcase your Orchard skills with.

Sign up for the beta and get your hosted Orchard Core site for free!


  • Wouter de Vries said

    Should I change the DNS

  • Zoltán Lehóczky said

    Hi Wouter, yes, if you had an Orchard 1 site before, the DNS settings are different. Check out the docs here:

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