The Orchard content management framework as software as a service, for you and your clients.

  • Sign up and create any number of Orchard sites you want.
  • Also available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
  • No worries about deployment, maintenance and upgrades - your Orchard site just works.
  • You can style your site in any way. And you can even automatically deploy your theme from source control!
  • There's a variety of modules and themes available that you can use.
  • It's fast. Don't take our word for it, try it out!
  • And there's quite some technology behind it.

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Latest from our blog

  • Even better theming for DotNest sites

    After some other recent improvements theming a DotNest site is now even closer to writing standard Orchard themes: with some complicated fixes around how URLs are handled (you don't want to know details, trust me!) writing a Media Theme is now a lot better experience. Templates and URL helpers in them will behave like you're used to, not to mention they will work in the same way locally during development as on DotNest.

    So go on and write a theme for that DotNest site of yours!

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  • Theming a DotNest site just got better

    As you surely know you have complete control over theming your DotNest site, including using custom templates written in the Liquid language. The latter got some important updates now:

    • If you have errors in your template then it will be shown in place of the template and also logged with the Reports feature (which entries you can view from your site's admin). No more ugly generic error pages, you'll know in an instant if something went wrong with the template.
    • You can now select if a template is rendered on the frontend, the admin or both. Media Themes that you can deploy from source control will behave like a standard theme and thus their templates will be only active for the frontend. Before this they were also displayed on the admin which caused quite some confusion.

    So do some theming!

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  • DotNest sites now run Orchard 1.10.1!

    The latest version of Orchard, 1.10.1 was released not long ago (just very little after the latest major version, 1.10) and now all DotNest sites are also upgraded: so DotNest is fully 1.10.1! It took us some time to apply this upgrade, but hey, if you have almost 1000 sites to care about it's a delicate process!

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